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Top Headlines

News Cues only shows the most important stories, helping you get up to speed on trending topics.


The compact story presentation allows you to easily discover the cues in the story that make it important.


No need waiting for a morning or evening edition. News Cues shows you the current news when you want it.


A Smart App for Smart Readers

The CueBrain automatically learns which stories you read most and customizes the news stream just for you. If you like sports, sports stories will be more prominent in your news stream. If you skip business stories about the stock market, those stories will be pushed down in the news stream.

Cue Group

Story Cues

Story Cues allow you to quickly see the main topic of the story.


Stories are placed into the News, Sports, Tech, Business or Entertainment category.

Grouped By Topic

Multiple stories about the same topic are grouped together.

Multiple Sources

News Cues displays stories from many popular news outlets.